Trademark Office Action

Did you received an Office Action from the trademark examining attorney at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)? The law office of Daniel S. Kirshner, trademark attorney, can help you. I have many years of experience responding to USPTO Office Actions.

The USPTO Trademark Examining Attorney usually examines the application within approximately four to five months. If there are no issues with the application, the Examining Attorney will issue a Notice of Publication. On the other hand, the Examining Attorney may raise issues with the application and issue an Office Action. The applicant must respond to the Office Action by the deadline set forth, typically six months, or the application will become abandoned. An Office Action may raise a variety of issues. The most common issues are: likelihood of confusion with another registered trademark or pending trademark application, the mark is merely descriptive of the goods or services recited in the application, requirements for disclaimers, and/or objections to the recitation of goods and/or services.

All trademark Office Actions are handled on a flat-fee basis

You will never receive an unexpected bill and you will know the legal fee before any legal representation is initiated. If I believe that there is little likelihood of success on the merits in responding to the Office Action, I will tell you that up front and no legal fee is charged for the initial consultation.

Daniel Kirshner has been a practicing trademark attorney since 1995. In that time, I have obtained hundreds of Federal Trademark Registrations for my clients. I have responded to hundreds of USPTO Office Actions. I pride myself in my personal relationships with my clients. You will deal directly with me, not an associate lawyer, paralegal or secretary. All phone calls are taken by the attorney or returned promptly. In addition to performing trademark searches, and obtaining Federal Trademark Registrations, I can assist you if you need help responding to an Office Action, have received a cease and desist letter, need to stop another from infringing your trademark rights, or are involved in a cancellation or opposition matter at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

I offer a no-fee, no-obligation telephone consultation regarding your trademark Office Action. Please feel free to call my office business days, between the hours of 8:30 and 4:00, Eastern Time to discuss your trademark matter. If you need help with your trademark Office Action, or would like to discuss any other trademark matter, please feel free to call. Once again, there is no fee and no obligation for up to a twenty-minute telephone consultation.